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TrustedTruck is the first product that we built at Zukonft.

TrustedTrucks has been built as an easy-to-use platform that helps Carriers and Forwarders to connect with each other, manage documentation, book freight, and collaborate to build trusted relationships that grow your business.

Here are some key factors why TrustedTrucks is valuable for carriers and forwarders:

  • Companies who have signed up can see the full audit trail of all of their orders and transactions.
  • Companies can enhance their business intelligence capabilities at a fraction of the cost.
  • A network of certified carriers is available to any forwarder that joins the network.
  • Because the data is stored on a blockchain, the data is unchangeable.
  • An AI-powered pricing engine is embedded in the quotation solution for enhanced decision-making.
  • TrustedTrucks is a full digital order management platform that safely includes legal contract paperwork.

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