Using Blockchain Technology for Logistics

ZUFALL logistics group and Konfid.io have founded “Zukonft” and launched a qualification platform for freight carriers

Peter Müller-Kronberg (on the left), managing partner of Zufall Logistics Group
and Dr. Mervyn Maistry (on the right), CEO of Konfid.io Blockchain Ventures

The Göttingen-based logistics company ZUFALL logistics group and the Berlin-based company Konfid.io, software experts for blockchain technology, have founded the joint venture “Zukonft.” Zukonft is part of the strategy of the medium-sized family business to position itself for future and long-term competitiveness. A “Carrier Qualification Platform,” which enables transport companies and carriers to implement the qualification process in a legally compliant and digital way, is the first market-ready product arising from this collaboration. This step brings Zukonft closer to its goal of standardizing important processes in the freight forwarding business through digitalization. The partnership with Konfid.io started last year at zufall.lab, ZUFALL logistics group’s think tank founded at the end of 2019.

Göttingen, 28.08.2020 – At ZUFALL logistics group, a wide variety of innovative processes were initiated in order to make the family-run logistics service provider fit for the future and competitive in the long term. This also includes the research and development laboratory “zufall.lab” at the company headquarters in Göttingen.

“We want to shape our future sustainably and mindfully.We understand the value of trust, transparency and fairness. In our view, these are the three essential elements of long-term and sustainable success”

Peter Müller-Kronberg, managing partner of ZUFALL logistics group

From the zufall.lab project to the joint venture Zukonft

In order to be able to ensure this long-term success, in the rapidly changing logistics industry, with regard to technology as well, ZUFALL entered into a collaboration with the zufall.lab partner Konfid.io, a Berlin software company with a focus on blockchain applications, last year. This partnership has now given rise to the joint venture Zukonft, which is currently being launched. The Göttingen-based company brings more than ninety years of logistics experience to the table, especially market access and user understanding. And the Berlin-based company is developing a legally compliant and secure foundation for this based on the new technology. The aim of the partnership is to create a sustainable, fair and digital platform for the transport and logistics industry. Using decentralized technologies, Zukonft enables companies to access their data while maintaining full control over their business data and relationships. 

On the way to “democratized” data

“With the Zukonft blockchain platform, we can create fast and consistent added value with sustainable solutions for all players in a fragmented transport and logistics industry, while offering small and medium-sized players equal competitive opportunities. We see blockchain technology as the key to a sustainable and efficient supply chain”

Peter Müller-Kronberg, managing partner of ZUFALL logistics group

Blockchain is based on a decentralized database that can manage data in real time, with complete transparency and security. In the long term, this technology also offers enormous potential for automation. The wealth of experience in the family business forms the basis for this groundbreaking innovation.

“We’ve made the decision to use blockchain based on our values of trust, transparency and fairness – because this technology can achieve in the digital space what we already embrace in our interpersonal lives,”

Peter Müller-Kronberg says explaining his decision to partner with Konfid.io.

Konfid.io shares these values as well as the vision of a sustainable, economic future:

“Our platform serves the need for sustainability and fairness, which is something especially medium-sized and independent companies have, although they aren’t the only ones. It’s important to us that they are also able to expand their business and compete with the larger companies on an equal footing, securely and profitably. The future lies in the implementation of this value system,”

Dr. Mervyn Maistry, CEO of Konfid.io Blockchain Ventures.

The Carrier Qualification Platform from Zukonft

This platform for the qualification of carriers is their first product based on blockchain technology: The transparent and easy-to-use Carrier Qualification Platform enables transport companies and carriers to implement the qualification process in a legally compliant and digital way. This new platform enables carriers to manage their profile data independently and make it available to transport companies with complete data control. All participating transport companies then access the same database, but can filter and find carriers according to their needs and transport requirements. In the subsequent qualification process, the transport companies can release the suitable carriers, according to the available licenses and permits, for the period of the validity of the license. This makes the platform the first blockchain-based platform that can be used for daily operations in the freight forwarding industry. 

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